Here's what's new in June

Community Development in 60 seconds (ish)

We've released a new graphic which explains the 'what' and 'why' of community development in (roughly!) a minute.

Anyone who's worked around CD knows that's not always an easy task, but we think it's really important to be able to explain why community development is vital for a fairer, just and more inclusive Scotland.

See it here  

Key messages for public service reform

What Works Scotland have released a new report which sets out the key messages for public service reform in Scotland.

Publishing at the conclusion of the WWS programme, the report details the eight key themes which have emerged through their research.

The themes reflect learning from the four year programme, with each theme detailing the implications for policy and practice going forward.

Read more here ➜


Democracy Matters 

The Scottish Government and COSLA have published an analysis of the Democracy Matters consultation, run last year as part of the Local Governance Review.

Democracy Matters sought the views of people and communities around their involvement local decision making, with the Scottish Government saying that “options are open as to what services are devolved“.

Summary and animation here 

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