WWS: Key messages about public service reform

What Works Scotland have published a new report which sets out the key messages for public services reform in Scotland.

Publishing at the conclusion of the WWS programme, and following an event in Glasgow, the report details the eight key themes which have emerged through their research.

The eight themes below reflect key learning from the four year programme, with each theme including the implications for policy and practice going forward:

“A key finding is that effective public service reform (PSR) is often about bespoke solutions rather than ‘one size fits all’ centralised approaches. Local context plays a crucial role in the adoption and development of new processes and structures. The pace of change is uneven and variation across and within local authorities is the norm. Changes in local arrangements help services cope with what is an increasingly complex PSR agenda. New arrangements are seen by some as liberating but for others can be seen as constraining. Building leadership capacity at all levels is key to successful PSR. Whilst there is a strong commitment to partnership and co-production, some of the factors outlined in this report can limit the possibilities for genuine collaborative practices to emerge.”

A summary of the key messages are set out here, with specific sections for each linked below.

There's more here.