Call for views on Sustainable Cities and Communities

Scottish Community Development Centre has been asked by a research partnership to give our view on whether we think Scotland is achieving goal 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities) of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We were happy to agree, and thought we’d offer those of you in the wider world of community development and related fields the opportunity to help shape our submission. Please see the questions below and feel free to submit any thoughts - you don’t need to complete every question as any contribution will be helpful.

About the research

The partners in the research are Oxfam Scotland, the University of the West of Scotland, and the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations.

The research aims to give an independent ‘snapshot review’ of Scotland’s performance in delivering the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This is because the Scottish and UK Governments are each preparing their own reports on progress towards meeting their commitments to the Goals by 2030.

Given the importance and the high profile of the Goals, the project feels that it is vital that the voice of civil society in Scotland is heard and hopes the review will complement wider efforts to achieve this.

The seventeen Goals are universal – they apply in Scotland, just as they do globally. Therefore, for this review, the researchers are currently contacting third sector organisations to ask for a short contribution which captures their assessment of how well Scotland is doing in terms of achieving the Goals for people across Scotland. The objective is to capture the front-line experience of organisations which are working in an area which is covered by, or linked to, one of the Goals.

Give your view

Please give any responses you have to the questions below which match the questions SCDC will be responding to. Feel free to disregard questions you find less relevant. Our responses will have to be 200-300 words each so please bear this in mind as we will have to summarise any information provided.

Please give any response by the end of Wed 15th May

Below, please write about progress or the lack of it towards achieving this Goal from your own perspective. Identify key data when making your assessment and try to give the reader the story beyond the numbers. Where relevant, please write about who or what is most at risk if this Goal is not achieved and what impact this might have.
Below, please state your view on whether there is a sufficient level of commitment and identify any initiatives put in place, and by whom, as well as the difference you believe these are making.
Please write about what you think should be done to achieve this Goal. Be explicit about who you think should take the lead in making improvements – government, business, third sector? If you can, give an example of a project or a policy – also from other countries – that could help Scotland to make progress .
Below, please write about an example of a project or initiative that is having an impact in Scotland, from your perspective and that of your organisation.
Please, identify further information and resources on this Goal and to your work in this area.
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