GRAMNet & BEMIS Film Series 2017/18: International Migrants Day

Date: Wednesday 13th December 2017
Venue: CCA (Centre for Contemporary Arts), 350 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow
Time: 5.30pm  
Cost: Free

In observance of International Migrants Day, the following films will be shown, accompanied by forums and Q&A for everyone to share their views and thoughts in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. 

For more information on the series and future events please see the 2017/2018 screenings brochure.  

Scotland's Memoir

Short: Scotland (2017) | Director: Etienne Kubwabo | 30 mins

As part of Scotland’s celebration of the Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology 2017, BEMIS Scotland have commissioned Cre8tive Entertainment to explore Scotland’s story via the eyes of our diverse ethnic and cultural minority communities alongside civic representatives, artists and historians. What has shaped modern Scottish identity? How does the past inform our future? In essence, what does Scotland mean to us? And where are we going as a nation?


Drama: UK (2016) | Director: Graham Drysdale | 71 mins

Wigilia explores Polish and Scottish traditions as part of an uplifting Christmas indie drama. Created on a micro budget through a Dogma-style set of limitations, the film stars Iwona Glowinska, from the band Featherwest, and co-stars Duglas T. Stewart, founder of BMX Bandits – Glasgow musical icons and Kurt Cobain’s other favourite band.
Iwona Glowinska plays Agata, a Polish cleaner stranded in Glasgow for Christmas who prepares her traditional Christmas Eve meal Wigilia in a client’s house. Duglas T. Stewart plays the client’s prodigal brother, and the unexpected pilgrim that arrives at her table. 

The Hide

Short: Scotland (2017) | Director: Gaynor MacFarlane | 7 mins

Could you give up the things you love for a life you long for?
A woman finds an unusual solution to help both herself and a homeless refugee. A story of freedom compassion, and migration.

About GRAMNet and BEMIS Film Series 2017/18

The 2017/2018 Film Series is organised in partnership between GRAMNet and BEMIS Scotland. The films we have selected this year come from all over the world, including Australia, Czech Republic, Palestine, Norway and Scotland with an especially strong component of the series coming from the African continent.

Screenings are accompanied by forums and Q&A for everyone to share their views and thoughts in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. The audience is warmly invited to congregate in the Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA) Cafe following each screening to continue our informal discussions.

Events are free of charge and open to everyone

Should you wish to reserve a ticket for any of the screenings, please contact the CCA