New report from GCPH 'Social contexts and health'

The Glasgow Centre for Population Health (GCPH) have produced a new publication which draws together all the learning from the GCPH evidence base to date about the relationship between people’s social environments and their health.

It covers learning about people’s social networks, feelings of safety and belonging within communities, opportunities to participate or volunteer at social activities, and involving people and communities in decision making. The report also includes findings from SCDC programme 'Animating Assets'.

"This report provides a synthesis of our learning about social contexts and health. Social contexts can be understood as the relationships and networks of support that people experience, the interconnections within communities, and the involvement of people and communities in decisions that affect their lives. Research has shown that these relationships and connections all have important influences on health in a range of ways. This review draws on ten plus years of outputs and events from the GCPH and GoWell to increase understanding how social contexts can help improve health and tackle health inequalities."

The report is available to read on the GCPH  website here.