Communities across Scotland can now make use of this Act which aims to empower communities by strengthening their voices in decisions about public services and making it easier for them to own and manage land and buildings.

The Act was given royal assent in summer 2015 after three years of consultation and development. Over the following year, regulations (additional legislation required to put the Act in place) and statutory guidance (guidance which public authorities must have regard to) was developed.

The different parts of the Act (11 in all) have been coming into force ever since and most of the legislation is now ready to make use of.


Our work

Since the Act came into force we have been working with Scottish Government to raise awareness of how it can be used by community organisations and what further measures might be needed to ensure it empowers disadvantaged communities.

We have also been involved in a learning and support programme and continue to offer and advice and information, especially around participation requests, where we can.