EUCDN: Community Development In Europe

This new framework brings together the work of the European Community Development Network, of which SCDC is a member, to establish a shared understanding of community development across Europe.

The framework is based on the values and principals of collective learning, empowerment, meaningful participation, active citizenship, collective action for collective outcomes and equality.

It has been developed through a process of discussion, analysis and reflection by people involved in community development work across ten European countries. SCDC would like to thank all of the people who participated in the discussions in Scotland as part of the process to develop the framework. 

The publication examines examples of community development across the continent to underpin the intention, practice, tools and outcomes of community development. In Scotland, the Wester Hailes Health Agency (WHHA) was highlighted as part of its work in tackling health inequalities and building people's social capital through community-led activity, strongly rooted in local needs and priorities.

Other examples from Spain, Norway, Romania as well as many more demonstrate the breadth, range and impact of community development across Europe.

We hope the framework will be useful in promoting community development further at both local and national levels in Scotland.

You can download the framework here.