CLD Survey: Working with Scottish Communities

Working with Scottish Communities 2018 is a national study of the CLD workforce from Education Scotland and the CLD Standards Council. The online survey is now live and will be open until Friday 10th August.

Your views are important to help understand who is doing what across Scotland. This helps better advocacy for community learning and development, and better support for the workforce, volunteers, employers and organisations with the training and development needs.

They want to hear from:

  • Individual CLD practitioners and volunteers

  • Organisations that employ staff in CLD roles and other stakeholder organisations with an interest in CLD

It is possible to complete the survey more than once - as an individual and on behalf of your organisation. The online survey will ask you each time to say in what capacity you are answering.

Take the survey here >>

All responses will be anonymised. They will not use this information to compare performance, expenditure or needs between specific organisations or local authorities. All answers will be aggregated, and the key themes reported on by Rocket Science for Education Scotland and the CLD Standards Council.