Programme for government 19/20 - Key features for community development

The Scottish Government has published its programme for government for 2019/20, setting out the key areas of focus for the government, as well the specific legislation that will pass through parliament over the next 12 months.

There were a number of announcements of interest to community development practitioners and community organisations.

They include:

  • Delivery of a citizens’ assembly on Scotland’s constitution, building on work around Scotland’s participatory democracy.

  • A commitment to the Place Principle, with the development of local place plans, the allocating of £11 million from the Investing in Communities Fund for place-based work, and a new website to act as a central resource for promoting and implementing the Place Principle.

  • Continuing the work of the local governance review to explore how to improve decision making at a local level. Legislation for this isn’t due until the next parliament in 2021.

  • The publication of a Local Energy Policy Statement by the end of 2019, which aims to ensure that communities play an active role in planning for low carbon energy systems.

  • Consultation on a publish a Fuel Poverty Strategy to be published in 2020, which will set out how the government will address the drivers of fuel poverty for different communities.

  • The introduction of a new community right to buy for sustainable development by spring 2020 and other actions promoting the community right to buy land and buildings.

  • On health and social care integration, there will be the development of new statutory guidance for community engagement and participation, as well as a way to capture good practice and learning.

  • Ongoing work around Open Government and the implementation of the second Open Government Action Plan.

  • Introduction of a Good Food Nation Bill, one effort in tackling food poverty.

  • Establishment of a Women’s Health Plan to underpin actions to tackle women’s heath inequalities.

  • A new £5m Community Sport Bond that will fund community groups to acquire a share or control of their local sports club.

  • The National Taskforce for Human Rights Leadership will continue its work to establish a legislative framework for a Scottish Bill of Rights.

  • Legislation to incorporate the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

  • The government and COSLA will publish a joint Action Plan setting out how they will tackle racism and discrimination towards Gypsy/Travellers.

  • Introduction of new social security payments to reduce child poverty.

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