Social Enterprise Branding and Marketing Competition

Your Brand refers to how you are perceived by people who come into contact with you. Branding is the act of doing what you can to manage their experience and perception.

To succeed and thrive, your Social Enterprise must communicate well, evidence its worth and compete for business in a busy and innovative marketplace. Investment in a strong and well thought out brand is core to your ongoing sustainability and growth, whatever this looks like to you. Only by winning business and/or captivating funders and investors can your Social Enterprise succeed in delivering its mission.

Too often social enterprises at a turning point struggle to resource investment in the kind of brand development and implementation that will set the course of future success and crystallise their entrepreneurial proposition.

Brand for Growth represents an opportunity to invest in your brand. Taking a careful look at how your branding should best be implemented and helping you focus on and strengthen your place in the market. This programme will deliver a targeted number of quality branding and marketing elements to social enterprises based in Scotland who are restricted by lack of resources but are well placed to exploit a market. This is about developing your brand with you and could include logo, materials, web etc depending on the needs of each participant.

It is currently funded by the Scottish Government as part of the three year social enterprise Action plan, “Building a Sustainable Social Enterprise Sector in Scotland”.

The Competition Proposition

The Process

This is a competitive programme and they are currently seeking proposals. You should be an ambitious social enterprise with high growth and high impact potential to compete for a place on the programme. You will need to bring something to the table yourself.

You will need to apply setting out how a strong and strategic brand would impact on your business and how it would build your capacity.   

The Delivery Programme

Following an organisation marketing audit, a bespoke intervention will be designed, largely following the process set out below but this will be tailored to each participant.

Deadline: 28th February at 12 noon

Fill out your proposal and send it and any additional information to

You are very welcome to seek further information – please contact or call 01506 862227

Who will Delivery this Work?

Community Enterprise

Community Enterprise is a 30 year old, completely independent national social enterprise and third sector support agency.  We help to develop enterprise, communities and organisations including strategic thinking, market research, business planning, evaluations, organisational reviews, planning and financing.


BOLD is a trading division of Community Enterprise.  BOLD is a fully integrated creative agency that employs an innovative approach to brand development and strategic marketing.  We are embedded in the social enterprise sector, understand it and are passionate about its ethos.

We work closely with clients to create beautiful, engaging and appropriate brands that are articulated using traditional design, digital and offline techniques to provide a tool kit of assets that builds confidence within the organisation and facilitates business growth.