Community Development is a process where people come together to
take action on what's important to them.
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It helps communities to organise, and to identify the issues they want to address, or the opportunities they want to explore...  
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This can be done by
communities of place
or communities of shared identity.  
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Community development happens across Scotland, and probably near you.

Local groups use their skills and experiences to
make positive change.  
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It starts from the belief that everyone should have equal access to...  

& Opportunity. 
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But it also recognises that the way society and structures are organised means some people, groups & communities can end up
being excluded & oppressed.
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Community development challenges this by:  

Supporting communities to use their own assets to improve community life.
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Helping communities and public bodies work together to improve how services are run and how decisions are made.  

In the end, community development is about making a fairer, just and more inclusive society...  
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...with strong communities at the heart of decision making.  


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We're SCDC.

We support best practice for community development in Scotland.

We work with communities, practitioners and policy makers to build skills and capacity across Scotland.
We're a small team based in Glasgow running events, developing resources and sharing good practice.

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