Analyse, Plan, Do, Review: using LEAP online

Our user-friendly planning and evaluation software is a value-based approach to planning with communities.

The Learning, Evaluation and Planning (LEAP) approach is based on the understanding the core principles underpinning work to improve the quality of life for communities.

This accessible software encourages you to ask critical questions about the project, it supports joint working and ensures that all stakeholders are involved and working to the same agenda. In this training you will:

  • Gain hands on experience of using the software

  • Develop your understanding of the underlying principles and process of participatory planning and evaluation

  • Explore opportunities to apply participatory planning and evaluation to your work

This training is recommended as a full day session.

"Online LEAP is an excellent tool - allows for workers on the project to check-in without actually having to be together, therefore enables everyone to make better use of their limited time available. Keeps everything on track and reporting back becomes very succinct."(LEAP Pilot Participant)


Full day training
Includes training delivery and access to training materials

5 - 15 participants (based on 1 trainer): £600


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