An introduction to community-led health

Our training and support in the area of community-led health focuses on improving practice in community-led approaches to health improvement and addressing health inequalities. ‘Community-Led Health for All: developing good practice' is a learning resource designed to support training and practice development in the community-led health field. This training draws on the key competences set out in the resource to support communities and practitioners to explore how a community-led approach can support healthy communities.

This training will cover:

  • knowing and understanding the community in which we work

  • building and supporting groups and relationships

  • building capacity to take action on priority health issues

  • building equality and tackling inequalities

  • developing and supporting collaborative working

  • developing and supporting sustainable influence

This is a one day training with an option on a ‘follow up day'.

"The course was so much more interesting than anything I did because of the interaction and the dynamic of the group and their diverse background ... and it was good fun."

For more information contact:  Elspeth Gracey - ; or Susan Paxton -