Building Stronger Communities

A key element of community development practice is building and supporting the capacity of community organisations to take effective action and a leading role in the development of their communities.

In this training you will:

  • Explore what we mean by a strong, empowered community and how capacity building can support this to happen

  • Learn about ‘assessing community strengths', ‘building community influence' and ‘developing community assets'.

  • Explore the four pillars of a capacity building approach.

  • Be introduced to ‘Building Stronger Communities' - a practical tool designed to assist local community organisations and support agencies to develop a more strategic approach to community capacity building.

This training is recommended as at least a full day session, and more in-depth training and support can be provided for organisations who wish to explore a strategic approach to community capacity building.


Full day training
Includes training delivery and access to training materials

5 - 15 participants (based on 1 trainer): £600


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