Doing ‘with' not ‘to' - an introduction to co-production

‘Co-production' is increasingly recognised as a new way to deliver public services and an approach which delivers long term positive outcomes for people and for local communities. It sits among an array of terms gaining currency in debates about the way communities function, how they can support residents and enhance well-being, and how public bodies can best engage with them. This training will provide an introduction to working in a co-productive way.
In this training you will:

  • Learn about the importance of strong community relationships and networks which support opportunities for co-production

  • Understand the key elements of co-production, and the principles which underpin good practice.

  • Explore methods for working with communities

  • Learn about processes for planning, evaluating and improvement for co-production.

This training is recommended as a minimum of a full day session.

For more information contact: Olivia Hanley - or David Reilly -