Achieving Community Empowerment (Archived)

National community capacity building programme

In 2009, SCDC was awarded 5 years funding from the Big Lottery Fund to deliver the Achieving Community Empowerment (ACE) capacity building programme in Scotland. 

The programme aims to build the capacity of community groups by providing mentoring support, developing learning materials, facilitating the sharing of knowledge, experience and learning between participating projects and communicating key lessons more widely.  This is the final year fo the programme which will run until September 2014.

Throughout the programme we have been working with around 10 groups per year to support them to assess the motivations and capacities of their own organisation, and those they seek to influence or work with. We will encourage groups to build awareness and support in their community, and to build the evidence to support the case for change. 

Such change may involve establishing community-run services or facilities; working with public agencies through community planning processes, or advocating through other means. This will be done through a series of structured workshops that focuses on the four key considerations in effective community action: assessment, planning, doing and reviewing. 

As part of this work, The ACE Guide was developed drawing on a range of good practice materials and learning with and between participants.

The ACE Programme ran from 2009 to 2014.

A short report containing profiles of the ten groups involved in year 1 of the ACE programme is now available.  Download the ACE - Group Profiles report.