Olivia Hanley

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Development Manager

Olivia is a Development Manager with an interest in community engagement, community capacity building and co-production. As part of the Supporting Communities programme she works with community organisations to help them identify community priorities and take action on shared issues through community-led action plans. she also works with local networks and Community Planning Partnerships to strengthen community influence over local decision making.

“I really enjoy working with all different types of groups in communities, particularly helping them take time to realise the strengths and skills they bring to tacking their community’s priorities. It’s great to see them develop their confidence as a group and strengthen their relationships with partners so that they are even more effective in making change in their communities”.

As one of the team which delivers the Scottish Co-production Network, Olivia has been integral to its role over the past 7 years in developing learning and practice exchange opportunities for its membership and providing a platform for co-production expertise and practice in Scotland.

In her previous roles Olivia has worked in community development, community-led health, and European projects relating to adult learning and democracy when based in Barcelona. She has range of voluntary experience including Chair of a community organisation, developing community greenspace, working with refugee asylum seekers, organising community events, and has even been known to face paint!

Olivia is a skilled facilitator and enjoys using creative and engaging methods in working with groups and running events