What is VOiCE?

VOiCE is planning and recording software that assists individuals, organisations and partnerships to design and deliver effective communityVOiCE logo engagement.

VOiCE can be used to support a range of participation from overall area regeneration to specific concerns of users of particular services.  

VOiCE enables all users to employ a common system for analysing, planning, monitoring, evaluating and recording their community engagement.

VOiCE is published by the Scottish Government as part of its support for implementation of the National Standards for Community Engagement.

In relation to particular community engagement initiatives, VOiCE will support you to:

  • Reflect on what you are trying to achieve.
  • Develop plans that relate to your purpose .
  • Monitor progress in implementing your plan.
  • Evaluate the process and outcomes.
  • Learn lessons for future activity.

VOiCE is designed in four sections: Analyse, Plan, Do, Review.  It takes you through logical steps to facilitate well constructed, managed and evaluated engagement from which you can continuously learn and improve your practice.

Across all the community engagement that your organisation or partnership is involved in VOiCE will provide a data bank that can be used to analyse:

  • What engagement is being (and has been) conducted.Scottish Government logo
  • What issues and needs it addresses.
  • Where it is happening.
  • Who is involved in it.
  • Who is not involved in it that might be.
  • What has or has not been effective.

Whilst the primary purpose of VOiCE is to support effective engagement practice, this aspect of VOiCE provides management information that can be integrated into other management information systems.

Learn more at www.voicescotland.org.uk 

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