What we do

We provide training and consultancy support in all aspects of community development.  We provide support to all organisations and partnerships that work in and with communities.  We work across sectors and with a wide range of professions to support community engagement and community capacity building in any context and at strategic and practice level.  All of our services are tailored to meet the individual needs of the organisations and partnerships we support. 

Community Development Values

This extract from Acheiving Better Community Development (ABCD) outlines the core values of community development. Read about the core values here

The following logic model sets out the work of SCDC and how it relates to a series of social impact outcomes contained within the national performance framework:

SCDC logic model


Working across Scotland - connecting with Europe

We work across Scotland on a range of programmes and training and consultancy work. The map below gives brief examples of past and current programmes relating to each of the key areas of our work: community capacity building, community-led health, community engagement, planning and evaluation, community research, and policy and practice. Click on a pin and follow the link to learn more about each example. Visit the ‘Who we are' section for more detailed examples of our previous and current work

We also work internationally. SCDC is an active member of the European Community Development Network, and the current Chair is an SCDC staff member. We also manage the EuCDN website which provides information on projects and other community development interests across Europe. Read about our recent involvement in a pan-European project on marginatisation:here

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