Engage: the magazine for community-led health

‘Engage' was originally the magazine for the Meeting the Shared Challenge support programme commissionCover of Engage magazine issue 8ed by NHS Health Scotland. During the course of the first six issues (beginning with Issue #1 in September 2008), the magazine highlighted the activity of the national capacity-building programme for community-led health. 

Though the programme came to an end in March 2010, this popular magazine was viewed as an invaluable source of discussion and debate for supporting and developing community-led approaches to health improvement.  To that end, CHEX assumed editorship of the magazine for a further three issues, beginning with Issue #7 (October 2010).  

Though the latest issue (#9) will be the final issue of ‘Engage' in its current format, we are pleased to report that the spirit of ‘Engage' will continue with the launch of a new launch a new ‘Engage Page' in CHEX's quarterly CHEX-Point newsletter, beginning in the summer 2011 issue.  For more on CHEX-Point or to sign up to receive future copies, click here

In thr meantime, download the latest edition of 'Engage' (#9, March 2011) or back issues from the CHEX website by clicking here.