Community Health Exchange (CHEX)

Initiated in November 1999, the CHEX resource is part of the Scottish Community Development Centre and is primarily funded by NHS Health Scotland.  The current five members of staff have a variety of backgrounds including community health work, youth work, community work, housing sector, NHS medical laboratory sciences and community regeneration. CHEX Graphic

CHEX is one of the leading agencies in Scotland that provides a resource in supporting community development approaches to health improvement and challenging health inequalities.  It also facilitates a network of community health initiatives and works to support them in developing good practice and influencing health and social policies.

CHEX operates at strategic and operational levels.  Strategically, it supports community health initiatives in engaging with policy makers and is currently involved in a range of national working groups such as Public Health Workforce. 

Operationally, CHEX supports an infrastructure which links community health initiatives, voluntary organisations and public sector agencies in applying effective community development practice to a wide range of health improvement interventions.  CHEX is currently working with colleagues at the Scottish Community Development Centre (SCDC) on the national capacity building programme, ‘Healthy Communities: Meeting the Shared Challenge'. CHEX's role in the Programme is to support community and voluntary organisations to develop dialogue with public sector partners to help embed good practice on community-led health. 

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