LEAP Resources

Over the years, as interest in the LEAP framework grows, many resources have been developed to support people using LEAP, many of which are detailed below:

LEAP: A Manual for Learning Evaluation and Planning in Community Learning and Development (2008)
Developed by SCDC, this manual revises the original "Learning, Evaluation and Planning" (LEAP) published in 1999, and sets LEAP in the context of current policy and practice.  The manual is published by the Scottish Government.

LEAP Step-By-Step: An Introductory Guide to the LEAP Framework (second edition, 2007)
Written by Alan Barr and Jane Dailly, this brief guide explains what LEAP is, how it works and why planning and evaluation go hand-in-hand.  The guide is published by the Community Development Foundation. Download it here.

LEAP Learning Object
Developed by SCDC, the Learning Object is a multi-media learning tool to support good practice in community engagement and development work.  The Learning Object can be accessed here.

Greenspace LEAP (2005)
This handbook outlines the LEAP approach and its application for Greenspace work, including guidance on planning outcomes and on developing outcome indicators.  This resource was developed by SCDC and is published by Greenspace Scotland.

LEAP for Health (2003)
This resource is for use by those involved in promoting health and wellbeing in community settings.  It is design to assist projects and programmes that focus on enabling people to develop and maintain their health on a day-to-day basis through individual and community action.  This resources was development by SCDC and is published by NHS Health Scotland.

LEAP for Volunteering (2003)
Developed by SCDC, it has a specific focus on volunteering, its values, methods and objectives.  This version of the LEAP framework can be applied to the work of the wide range of agencies working in the voluntary sector.

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