LEAP Planning & Evaluation Cycle / Step 1

Step 1. What (now) needs to change?

Once the needs and/or problems have been identified, the first step is, in partnership will all stakeholders, to decide what we want to achieve.  LEAP describes this as 'visioning the outcomes'.  Visioning should focus on the experience and hopes of participants themselves.  It involves answering the simple question: what difference should our actions make?  This helps to give purpose and direction to a project or programme and ensures that all stakeholders are involved from the outset.

Visioning outcomes should focus on the experience and aspiration of all stakeholders.  The people who are intended to benefit from change should be involved in deciding the purpose and direction of what we do.

(Note: whilst our vision should always be tempered by realism it is important to remember that exclusion and disadvantage often lead to very low expectations of the potential for change.  So do encourage ambition and creativity)