LEAP online

LEAP is now available as an online software application available at www.planandevaluate.com. For those who have not come across it, LEAP stands for Learning Evaluation and Planning, and is a values based approach to planning and evaluating work with communities.

LEAP logoThe user friendly online version encourages users to ask critical questions about their project or programme, and it is designed to support joint working by allowing access to shared project plans and reports among various partners and stakeholders.

LEAP online generates reports at key stages of the project and provides helpful advice that enables partners to thoroughly analyse, plan, monitor and evaluate progress and impact on project outcomes. The software can be used by community and voluntary organisations and public sector agencies at both strategic and practice levels.

To find out more about the software please contact us:

LEAP Online Screenshot

Download the LEAP online flyer for more information, or contact us on 0141 248 1924 and we will be happy to assist you.

To create your user account or enquire about an account for your organisation please contact:

David Allan -david@scdc.org.uk

Paul Nelis - paul@scdc.org.uk

Susan Paxton -susan@scdc.org.uk