In Practice: Community development works

It is important for us to be able to demonstrate the role and value of community development in promoting a good quality of life, active participation in public affairs, personal confidence and social networks. Here we post profiles of projects, approaches to community development practice, understanding both the benefits that active communities can confer, and the role of community development in encouraging and supporting communities.

'Assets in Action' - a case study of asset-based community development in north Glasgow. This case study of the work of CHIP, the Children's Inclusion partnership, identifies the importance of bringing together material, human and organisational assets and the role of the project as a catalyst, networker and bridge.

Making it Happen

This report provides six case studies of community-led health in action which can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Demonstrating how the community-led approach works.
  • Building understanding and the capacity to develop good practice.
  • Showing the social connections and capital gained from community members coming together and the direct and indirect health benefits that result.
  • Showing examples of constructive partnership working between community groups, voluntary organisations and public sector agencies.
  • Strengthening the evidence base.
  • Identifying lessons and messages that are new to policy makers and practitioners.
  • Convincing the "unconvinced" of the approach (in particular local decision makers).
  • Having a national impact.

There are more than 50 examples of local action based on community led research on a wide range of topics that can be accessed here. They were all supported by SCDC's SCARF programme.