Ayrshire 21 webpage

SCDC is supporting a collaborative initiative which is aimed at providing targeted help, support and funding for rural areas across the three Ayrshire areas. Called ‘Ayrshire 21', it works with 21 local communities which have been least able to take advantage of development and funding opportunities in the past.

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The initiative is the result of collaborative working between the three Ayrshire Councils, securing funding from the European LEADER project to create Ayrshire 21.

Working in partnership with local and Scotland-wide development organisations, Ayrshire 21 will support the communities to write community action plans that will help them build on the strengths they have and address the most important social and economic issues they face.

We've created a section for the Rural Ayrshire 21 programme on the SCDC website, containing links to programme material. It will include information about the programme, reports and papers, and presentations from events and seminars.

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