Community-led Health

...encouraging healthy communities


A community-led approach to health improvement is concerned with supporting communities experiencing disadvantage and poor health outcomes to identify and define what is important to them about their health and wellbeing; the factors that impact on their wellbeing and to take the lead in identifying and implementing solutions.

Community-led health is concerned with the community as the focus of, and mechanism for change, rather than the community as a setting for health practice. This makes it fundamentally different from the provision of community-based health services, and different from the participation of communities in pre-determined health initiatives.'


Our role in relation to community-led health is, via CHEX (Community Health Exchange), to provide a resource in supporting community development approaches to health improvement and challenging health inequalities.  CHEX also facilitates a network of community health initiatives and works to support them in developing good practice and influencing health and social policies.

Our current work on community-led health includes:

Resources to support community-led health