Assets Alliance Scotland

In December 2010, the Scottish Community Development Centre (SCDC) and Long-Term Conditions Alliance Scotland (LTCAS) worked in partnership with the Scottish Government to host an event designed to take forward an Assets Alliance in Scotland.

Assets Alliance Scotland has not yet become a tangible entity but, in the meantime, SCDC is keen to maintain and promote dialogue on assets based approaches and to capture and share practice. We are happy to publish articles and resources on assets based approaches - if you would like to contribute please contact Olivia Hanley on


  • Assets Alliance event 13th December 2010

Harry BurnsInitiated and supported by the Chief Medical Officer for Scotland, Dr Harry Burns, the event brought together people already using asset based approaches with key influencers from across the public and community and voluntary sectors.  The event recognised that assets approaches are not new and that many initiatives in Scotland already demonstrate this way of working.

Working at a local level is at the heart of the assets approach, but support may also be needed at a national level to ensure that the approach is embedded as part of mainstream practice.  The purpose of the event held on 13 December was to find out from key stakeholders what form an Assets Alliance should take and what its key functions should be, and this next stage is still in development with stakeholders at a national level.

In the meantime, SCDC will continue to host information relating to asset based approaches here. To keep abreast of developments, revisit this page or, if you would like to get in touch, please contact

Assets event report-  Assets Alliance Scotland event report

    Read the report of the Assets Alliance Scotlland event which took place on 13 December.


-  In addition, you can now watch the presentation given at the event by Chief Medical Officer Dr Harry Burns or download the slides