Facilitation, running participative events and getting your message across


The SCDC team are highly skilled in facilitating events and training which is both participative and engaging. From small community groups and management structures, to large scale community events or conferences, we regularly facilitate in a range of environments and can offer facilitation services to meet your needs which are dynamic and tailored to your group. The methods we use can vary from appreciative inquiry to story dialogue to world café, and we will work with you to plan exactly what you hope to achieve from your event. From post-it notes to digital stories, we are not afraid to challenge participants to think creatively!

Participatory events and conferences

At SCDC we have lots of experience in planning and delivering excellent highly participating events that are outcome focused. We love events, whether small and focused to large events with a life of their own. We know that the details count in creating and managing events where people feel at ease and are willing to take part, but that we must always have the event purpose at the forefront of any activities. 
We can support you in planning, designing and delivering your event by using our skills and experience, knowledge of venues, creative and tried and tested approaches, expertise in accessibility and post event report presenting. From simple advice to full co-design and co-delivery, we are happy to consider your event management needs

Getting your message across

We work with community organisations to help build confidence and skills in demonstrating what they do. If you work with a group who wants help to get their message across, we can work with you to identify a training offer that meets their needs.

Public speaking

We can help increase skills and grow confidence in public speaking. Through a peer support approach we have helped even the most nervous to step out of their comfort zone and create and deliver their key messages. We love to support community members and workers to use their skills and assets to shine and show the impact of their community work. With the spread of participatory budgeting approaches to funding decisions these are skills that are becoming even more important.

Using social media

We can help organisations and groups to develop an engaging voice through the increasingly important area of social media.


Half day training
Includes training delivery and access to training materials

5 - 15 participants (based on 1 trainer): £300

Full day training
Includes training delivery and access to training materials

5 - 15 participants (based on 1 trainer): £600


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