Commonwealth Games Legacy for Communities Programme - who we are working with

Throughout the programme, SCDC worked with the following organisations and partnerships:

Community Links is a community health project in the most disadvantaged areas of South Lanarkshire.  It aims to use the Commonwealth Games Legacy to help raise awareness of benefits of sports and participation, as well as encourage local children and residents, through capacity and asset building, to increase aspirations and present them with accessible opportunities to enable positive lifestyle change.

Sauchie Community Council is working in partnership with other local stakeholders to deliver a Clackmannanshire wide Commonwealth Games legacy event. This will involve communities coming together to participate in community sporting activities for all levels in order to address territorial, intergenerational and discriminatory issues.

Action for Children Scotland is a national charity whose purpose is to help the most vulnerable children and young people overcome injustice, deprivation and inequality so that they can achieve their full potential. They are delivering a programme called the Inverclyde Youth Commonwealth Games which will bring the games to disadvantaged young people in Inverclyde. 

Argyll Activities is a community project based in Ardrishaig and is part of the Ardrishaig Community Development Trust.  The Project offers a wide variety of sporting and outdoor opportunities to the residents of Argyll.  Through the Commonwealth Games Legacy Programme the Project has been engaging with Argyll sports clubs and the disabled community to find out what sporting activities disabled people are currently interested in, what the barriers are to getting involved and what will enable existing clubs to be genuinely inclusive.  Recognising that the issues/barriers will differ from area to area, Argyll Activities has engaged with sports clubs and disabled people using an online survey and focus groups in Campbeltown, Oban, Dunoon and Helensburgh.

Central & West Integration Network has been supported by the Legacy for Communities Programme to organise a community engagement event for its members and across the wider community of Central and West Glasgow.  The community engagement event will include information on the various activities and services available from member organisations, what the Commonwealth Games involves and opportunities for dialogue about what a positive legacy for the local communities might look like.  The event will target a number of BME communities through member organisations of the network. The event will also include some of the sporting activities to give participants a flavour of what the Games will entail.

LEAP Sports is a new initiative, which has been set up by a group of highly skilled and motivated volunteers who are all representative of a variety of LGBT sports groups and initiatives across Scotland.  The group exists to champion equality and inclusion for all within sports and outdoor activity across Scotland, and aims ‘to encourage and enable LGBT people to overcome the barriers which block their access to sport'.  As part of this, the group are planning a ‘Festival of Sport' event where members/associate organisations work together to contribute events to the program, and this is opened up to encourage LGBT people across Scotland to participate.  The Legacy for Communities programme will support LEAP Sports in planning these engagement events.  As a national group, the LEAP events will focus on the barriers that exist in engaging LGBT people in accessing sports rather than specific neighbourhood areas.

Perth & Kinross Council has recently established a corporate legacy group to co-ordinate the activities of the Council and its partners in meeting the national objectives of the legacy programme whilst responding to local priorities and opportunities.  The Legacy for Communities Programme is supporting Perth and Kinross Legacy Group in its engagement activities around the Games, and in the production of a co-ordinated legacy plan for the area.  Engagement activities in two neighbourhoods have provided initial 'soundings' of who might like to be involved in community engagement and what ideas or 'themes' are of local interest.

Stirling Community Planning Partnership is keen to encourage and support improved health and wellbeing outcomes within the most disadvantaged communities in the area.  They are using the Legacy for Communities Programme to effectively join up and develop activity within existing community planning work streams related to Legacy, to increase profile and secure a lasting difference in the area's most vulnerable communities through: raising awareness of the Commonwealth Games in general, and Stirling's role as a camp/venue and supporting participation in sporting activity through the Games profile; increasing the profile and take up of existing health and wellbeing and employability programmes; examining opportunities for the development of related social enterprises; increasing take up in volunteering; delivering on the health and wellbeing issues raised by communities in their local community plans; engaging more young people in sports programmes; establishing ongoing partnering relationships with the Third Sector to create a sustainable Legacy infrastructure; and encouraging communities to share experiences, resources and opportunities, under the Legacy programme.

Dundee Partnership has already put together a Games Legacy Plan for the city which focuses on Dundee's contributions to the Games Legacy Themes.  The Partnership is keen for any community engagement activity to be linked into Community Planning processes and the implementation of the Dundee Games Legacy Plan in particular.  Two initial workshop discussions were held on 17th January with a range of stakeholders from local community groups/organisations to identify key themes and priorities for legacy activities.  Two follow-up sessions were held in March/April bringing the groups together to identify priority themes and to begin to map out community engagement outcomes (city-wide and at local level).