Mapping out the Games in Perth and Kinross

As part of the Legacy for Communities Programme,  Council staff in Perth & Kinross worked with SCDC to explore how best to engage their local communities in thinking about the local opportunities to take forward work relating to the Commonwealth Games legacy.

The task of ensuring a community engagement exercise would inform the Council's legacy planning was undertaken collaboratively by both sports and community work staff from the Council. Together they organised community engagement processes in Coupar Angus and Kinross.



Coupar Angus

In Coupar Angus the occasion of the Olympic torch relay coming through the town was used to canvass local opinion about what opportunities there might be for a local legacy of Scotland's Commonwealth Games.  See the video above to get a flavour of the action!

Asset mapping in Coupar AngusAs well as answering a short questionnaire local people also gave their contact details to allow future involvement in how to take the work forward. From this list of contacts a small group was formed to discuss the potential work that might be identified. A process of ‘asset mapping' the pre-existing community assets led to the idea of developing Coupar Angus as a ‘cycling hub' with the potential to host a ‘cycling festival' on an annual basis. This was seen by the group as the best opportunity to develop a focus for the future which offered the potential of sustainable legacy activities.

Local resident and cycling enthusiast John Palfreyman said
"I really enjoyed the interactive sessions organised by SCDC in Coupar Angus to explore what we might achieve in terms of Commonwealth Games legacy. These sessions had a truly catalytic effect on our thinking and planning for the future."

During the early consultation period we were able to capture some of the views of the potential for Commonwealth Games Legacy in Coupar Angus, as seen in the video clip above.



In Kinross staff took a different approach by inviting members of the public to a specific consultation event in the local community campus. A good turn out generated lots of ideas with a variety of ‘strands' which could be used to inform the Council's legacy plan. These included issues relating to children and young people and local capacity for sports coaching, people's ideas of how some local sports facilities could be upgraded, suggestions for increased involvement of schools and how communication between local community groups might be improved.


In conclusion

As well as providing the Council with valuable information from local residents with which to inform its legacy planning this collaborative approach to the work brought together members of teams who do not normally work closely together.

Coupar Angus transformation map

 This has enhanced the internal capacity of the Council to engage with its communities providing long term benefits which could inform other Council processes. Sports staff, not usually trained in public engagement, became aware of some of the skills and methods needed to become involved in meaningful community engagement and their community work colleagues gained an insight into the opportunities for engaging with their community through the work of sports staff colleagues.



For more information on the Legacy for Communities programme, please contact Andrew Paterson, Policy & Research Officer, SCDC (phone 0141 222 4837).