Links to further support

There are a range of different sources of support for anyone looking to develop activities in their community in relation to the Commonwealth Games. 

  • The best place to start is probably the Scottish Government's Legacy website, which has a section dedicated to funding sources for community groups, young people, volunteers, sports clubs and public sector organisations.  Visit to see the full list.
  • One of the more recently added funding sources is probably worth drawing attention to.  This is the Scottish Government's Legacy 2014 Active Places Fund, which provides grants of between £10,000 and £100,000 to projects which create or improve places in local communities where people can go to get active.  The fund is distributed by Sport Scotland.
  • Anyone working in the area of disability and sport may be interested in this useful list of Funding Streams and Grants for Disability Sports Clubs.  The list contains information on funding sources which will be relevant to community sport projects more generally.

Check back soon for any future updates!