Our Experience and Expertise

SCDC has a wide and developing portfolio of activities reflecting major priorities for community development. Our current focus is on:
  • Supporting Communities, providing advice and support to community organisations across Scotland and maintaining the Communities Channel 
  • Community empowerment and local democracy, tracking the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act and supporting related work on participatory budgeting through a new PB Scotland site and refreshing the National Standards for Community Engagement
  • Community-led health, a long-term priority for SCDC through CHEX the Community health Exchange: current focus on developing Health Issues in the Community and advocating community-led health in the integration of Health and Social Care 
  • Understanding asset-based community work, supporting different communities across Scotland to design, test, and gather evidence of the change that comes from taking an asset-based approach in their local areas
  • Co-production - as a partner in the Scottish Co-production Network helping to build on existing co-production activity in Scotland, creating a space for practice & information exchange, and advancing co-production approaches
  • Supporting further work on community-led approaches to tackling sectarianism (including mentoring, co-inquiry and action learning) through our SCoTTS (Supporting Communities to Tackle Sectarianism) Programme
  • A range of training/consultancy contracts including evaluation, design and development of training materials, asset-based approaches, and community capacity building.

To download SCDC's Achievements and Performance 2013-14, detailing the range of programmes, policy work and training and consultancy that we delivered in the previous financial year, click here.

To see a comprehensive list detailing key achievements in our previous work, please click here.