Grundtvig - Network for Community development with marginalised social groups

This resource is one of the outputs of a partnership formed by four European organisations involved in community work and citizen participation with disadvantaged or marginalised social groups in numerous and diverse locations throughout Europe. The partnership includes Scottish Community Development Centre (UK), Cooperativa Estrategies de Transformacio Comunitaria Sostenible (Spain), Association of Local Democracy Agencies (France), Association of Community Developers (Hungary).  The objective of the partnership and of this resource is to facilitate the mutual learning of innovative tools of community development that tackle the problems of marginalized social groups in different regions of Europe. The main aim will be to share knowledge and experiences of innovative, interdisciplinary, community based methods effective in combating poverty that can be adapted in other countries, in different local contexts.

This Briefing Paper summarises our experience and shared learning from the Grundtvig Learning Partnership. Please click here to download the paper.

Case studies of all the organisations that were part of the programme are available to download. They offer an insight into organisations from across Europe who work in a range of different areas and were produced by colleagues from the UK, France, Spain and Hungary. To view the case studies click here.

This Guide describes the overall learning from the partnership visits to Strasbourg (France) 1-2 March 2012, Glasgow (Scotland) 13-15 June 2012, Barcelona (Spain) 25-24 October 2012 and Budapest (Hungary) 9-12 April 2013. Click here

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Video of the discussion from the partnership visit to Scotland.  Click here

 Scotland visit

Video and pictures of the visits and discussion from the partnership visit to Hungary.  Click here

 Hungary link

Poverty Issues in Hungary - A short Introductory film for the Grundtvig Study Tour.  Click here


In Favour of Local Action - A film about community action in Barcelona.  Click here

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