Past projects

Over 50 projects have already been done. They have helped communities to work on many different issues, for example:

  • drug misuse
  • protecting and promoting a safe environment
  • developing the economy
  • community premises and facilities
  • health
  • getting people to take part
  • discrimination
  • services for different groups of people (young people, black and ethnic minotiry groups, people with hearing difficulties, people with mental-health problems, people with learning difficulties and so on)
  • tourism
  • heritage
  • arts and recreation

We have carried out a detailed assessment of SCARF.  This found that these projects have made a real difference in the following ways:

  • Community organisations:
    • have developed their skills and become more confident in gathering and understanding information
    • have good information to support their activities
    • are better able to:
      • present their concerns
      • influence policy and practice
      • meet their own needs
      • get resources
  • Communities now have a better quality of life
  • Other agencies such as Scottish Executive departments, local authorities, health boards or local partnerships:
    • benefit from having better knowledge of the community's needs which can influence policy and practice
    • recognise the potential to work with communities

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