Queensferry Churches Care in the Community

When I'm 64: needs and opinions of older people in our community

What were they trying to achieve?
The aim of the research was to identify the social care and mental health needs of local vulnerable older people and their carers, with a view to targeting service development in line with local people's needs. The aims was to ensure that older people's voices are heard in the development of services, particularly with the advent of Local Community Planning Partnerships and Community Health Partnerships.  It also aimed to encourage older people to become involved in service planning.  The research covered north-west rural Edinburgh, where it is more difficult to access many services than in the city.

How did they go about it?
A group of 12 researchers, recruited from older people's organisations, worked in pairs to carry out 61 individual interviews, and three group interviews, including a groups of health and social care professionals.  They contacted older people to be interviewed through of range of organisations, including people from across the geographical area, of different ages and gender.  The results were presented at a local conference.

Why did they find?
The researchers gathered information on awaress, usage and quality of services in each area, difficult in accessing services, important issues about the area and what people liked about their area.  In addition to the need for improved information on services, recommendations were made for improvements to or provision of many specific services including: respite residential and nursing accommodation, public transport, local policing, maintenance of pavements and public areas, facilities for young people, parking, banking, shopping facilities in some areas, discharge from hospital.  The report called on the local authority to recognise the equal entitlement to services of these rural areas.