Glasgow Good Information Group

The Group
The Glasgow Good Information Group was started in 2004 by a group of practitioners from organisations in the Glasgow area that support people with learning disabilities living in the community.  The organisations are C-Change for Inclusion, Care Solutions, Cornerstone Community Care, Fair Deal and Quarriers.  The group was supported by speech and language therapists from Glasgow Learning Disability Partnership.

What where they trying to achieve?
The group was keen to research the written information provided by organisations to people with learning disabilities.  This includes Local Authorities, the Health Service, banks and utilities companies.

Given that more people with learning disabilities live independently the group were keen to research what people thought about the information they received and how it may be improved.Conference photo

How did they go about it?
Following training in how to carry out research, the group organised an event to ask people with learning disabilities how they felt about informtation they received and what they did with it.  40 people attended the event and gave their views.

In addition the Scottish Consortium for Learning Disability sent out questionnaires to support workers to ascertain their views on written information provided by organisations to people with learning disabilities.

What did they learn?
Through the event and questionnaire returns the groups established that much of the written information provided is often too complex to understand.

The report on their research identifies a need for information to be provided in a much simpler manner and suggests that less jargon and a greater use of pictures and symbols would help people understand better.

What difference did it make?
The group will be using their research findings to promote an understanding of the issues faced by people receiving such written information and how organisations could alter that information to make it easier to understand.

Photo of woman pointing to flipchart