Pennyburn Community Association

The Group
Pennyburn Community Association, Kilwinning, aims to foster a community spirit through local accessible activities, to work in partnership with the local authority for learning provision, local facilitaties and other activities as identified by local people.

What were they trying to achieve?
The purpose of the research was to find out if the community throught the previous community survey recommendations, that were actioned, had made a difference to the community.  In addition, they wanted to ascertain what current community issues and needs were.

How did they go about it?
The group used a variety of methods to engage groups and individuals.  These included:

  • Postcard survey on neighbourhood satisfaction
  • Postcard survey on youth issues
  • Focus groups
  • Partnership response to current and future service provision / commitment
  • "Ask the Audience" technology approach to action research
  • Neighbourhood interview questionnaire
  • Comment cards from user groups
  • Anecdotal evidence

What did they learn?
They were able to obtain a significant insight into their community.  Examples of their findings are:

  • The fact that although the majority of people had access to new technology, 42% lacked the skills to maximise the use of it
  • People wanted a better environment and more opportunities for recycling
  • There was low uptake of adult learning opportunities
  • Young people wanted more opportunities to be involved and active within the community

What difference did it make?
The group was able to identify six clear recommendations from its research and as a result was able to secure:

  • Funding for a worker for two years to address the issue of financial inclusion
  • Commitment froma number of statutory agencies to improve service delivery to the area
  • Support from Communities Scotland to renovate a derelict building for community use

Ann Robertson
Cranberry Moss Centre
Tel:  01294 557146