Coupar Angus Regeneration Trust Initiative

The Group
Coupar Angus Regeneration Trust (CART) was set up in 1999.  It is a voluntary organisation committed to the economic, social and community regeneration of Coupar Angus and hinterland.  In 2006, CARF in partnership with YMCA and Coupar Angus, Ardler & Bendochy Community Council was keen to seek the views of the community about priorities for action.

How did they go about it?
A Community Questionnaire was designed, printed and distributed with the assistance of community volunteers.  As a means to engaging the community in the survey, the traditional 'Horse Fair' was revived as a community event.  It was an opportunity to return a postive focus to the centre of the town, unite the community and celebrate thw town's heritage, and to promote the questionnaire.

The questionnaire asked about attitudes to living in the area, what community activities people would like to see, and how they rated the scenery, infrastructure, housing, parks etc.  Over 200 responses were received, although younger people were under represented in the survey.

What did they learn?
There was a sense, particularly among older people, that the appearance and vitality of the town had declined.  In general, there was a positive view of the scenery, culture and heritage of the town.  The main areas in which respondents wanted improvements were:

  • the appearance of the town
  • facilities for young people
  • sheltered and affordable housing
  • local employment opportunities
  • air quality (in relation to a local factory)
  • policing and alternatives to antisocial behaviour

What difference did it make?
CART has used the results of the questionnaire to revise the business plan and determine priorities.  Over the last year a number of key initiatives have been taken forward that are resulting in:

  • regeneration of the town centre buildings through a successful Townscape Herritage Initiative, that will include new affordable housing
  • an improvement in air quality through capital investments made by Grampian Country Foods at their factory
  • a new initiative - the Coupar Angus Rural Renaissance - aimed at improving the landscape, amenity and parks
  • launch of a new website - - proving a community information resource
  • establishing the Horse Fair as a major annual event that from 2007 is now organised by community volunteers

Coupar Angus Regeneration Trust
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