Castlemilk Voices

The Group
Caslemilk Voices is a group of local people brough together by the Community Forum to carry out research in Castlemilk.

What were they trying to achieve?
An open space event was held in the community centre. People formed gropus and went round five 'stations'.  At each 'station' a facilitator described each method of engagement.  Following group discussions, participants voted on their preferred methods of consultation.

What did they learn?
Results of the voting showed that people preferred focus groups and user panels to citzens panels, opinion polls and public meetings.  The group gathered a range of comments on the pros and cons of each method, related to costs, practicality, and whether results will be taken seriously.  For example, participants believed that focus groups, as its name suggests, encouraged discussion that remained focused.  User panels also allow people's voices to be heard.

What difference did it make?
Since the event the Castlemilk Voices group are still going.  They have carried out a number of pieces of research for groups in Castlemilk; these include a safety audit and a quesionnaire for land use on vacant sites in Castlemilk.  They are currently starting work on a consultation exercise regarding play facilities for an area of Castlemilk.  They have also been involved in training to help improve their skills: this included research methodologies, business planning and marketing.

Tracey Burns
Castlemilk Community Forum
121 Castlemilk Drive
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Tel:  0141 634 3351