Broomlands and Bourtreehill Community Association

The Group
Broomlands and Bourtreehill Community Association (BABCA) is part of the North Ayrshire Federation of Community Associations (NAFCA) and seeks to "promote the benefit of the inhabitants of the neighbourhood by associating with the local authorities, voluntary organisations and inhabitants."  The association is keen to ensure the education and social welfare of local residents is promoted.

Where were they trying to achieve?
The group wanted to undertake a survey of local residents in order to establish what the community felt about a range of issues.  These were:

  • What were community priorities and perceptions of local people
  • How they used communities services and facilities
  • What was the potential for further community involvement in the Neighbourhood Compact

How did they go about it?
The group decided to carry out a door to door survey of a quarter of all houses on the estate, with one person in each household being asked to complete a questionnaire.

In addition it was considered necessary to get the views of young people and consequently Youth Services became involved hosting forums in all four primary schools, the Secondary school and with local youth groups.

The findings are to be presented to an open meeting of local people where there will be further opportunities to contribute to the research being undertaken.

What did they learn?
The group were able to establish that people felt the estate was a good place to live and that they had a positive view of the neighbours, environment and facilities.  They also found out that there was concern over loitering, alcohol and drug misuse, graffiti and vandalism.  All of which were considered to have a detrimental effect on peoples enjoyment of their area.

Service provision, in terms of social facilities, was considered to be well used but there was considered to be a need for additional sport and leisure facilities.

The survey also identified a need for diversionary activities for young people such as trades related employment and training opportunities.

What difference did it make?
The group will be using their findings to encourage grater service provision by statutory authorities and will develop more effective communication between themselves and the local community.

April McPhail
Broomlands and Bourtreehill Community Association