Kilwinning Community Sports Club

The Group
The aim of the club is to increase access to sports / leisure opportunities from the inhabitants of North Ayrshire  and thereby encourage people to attain a more positive, healthy lifestyle.

What were they trying to achieve?
The central focus for the research was to understand what improvements needed to be carried out to their facilities in order to encourage more people to use them.

How did they go about it?
The group used a number of different survey methods.  For each of their research methods the group identified the number of responses they wished to 'capture', they employed:

  • "Ask the Audience" events
  • Door-to-door surveys
  • Postcard surveys of current membership and affiliated groups
  • Made presentations to local agencies and schools and issued a postcard questionnaire to detail views and suggestions

What did they learn?
The group was able to demonstrate that a high number of people did not take part in fitness or leisure activities.  That there was considerable support for a new build facility and that people would use one if it were made available.

What difference did it make?
The group are using their findings, to demonstrate need for upgraded facilities, as an integral part of their applications for funding.  Funding applications are being pursued for monies in excess of £1,000,000.

Jim Hodge
Tel:  01292 692757