Four Connections

The Group
Four Connections aims to provide appropriate resources and opportunities for young people and the wider community in the areas of Craigens, Skerrington, Skares and Netherthird, in East Ayrshire.

What were they trying to achieve?
The aim of the action research was to identify the needs and aspirations of local people, specifically in relation to the facilities for younger people and older people, and to involve them in this process.

How did they go about it?

  • A quesionnaire to 250 households (one in four); this asked about what people liked and disliked about living in the area, views on a dedicated building for young people, and other facilities needed in the area
  • A 'vox pop' video by people aged 12-16
  • A mapping exercise by children aged 8-12
  • Visits to facilities at Mill of Haldane, Balloch
  • Focus groups with older residents

The project was managed by a group consisting of members of the Four Connections management committee, the CVO, the youth committee and the research mentor.

What did they learn?
The group compared the outcomes to those it had set out at the start.

Fully achieved:

  • More people involved: 12 new volunteers, 50 new members, 2 new youth committee members
  • Greater awareness of needs of older people and young people; through talking to people during the survey
  • Improvements in opportunities: adults and young people taking a range of training courses

Partially achieved:

  • Better relationships between older and young people
  • Older people's views of younger people changed
  • Greater range of activities e.g. girls football team

Not achieved:

  • Reduced scapegoating of young people