Creetown Initiative

The Group
The initiative is concerned with the regeneration of the village of Creetown and surrounding area within Dumfries & Galloway.  It seeks to support the elderly, young people and those of less means.  Additionally, it is concerned with the protection of the environment, conservation and sustainable development.

What were they trying to achieve?
To identify which one, of three existing facilities, would be suitable for development as a multi-purpose community facility.  Their primary question to community members being, "Which of the three sites do you think would be best suited for development?"

How did they go about it?
The group engaged the professional support of Architects and Quantity Surveyors to evaluate current facilities and develop options for how each of the three sites could be utilised.  Findings were published and delivered to every household in the Parish.  This was followed up with a series of open meetings and two open days where people could see the Architects findings and ask questions of the Architects.

Subsequently each household was provided with a questionnaire which was hand delivered and collected three days later.

What did they learn?
In the first instance they were able to gain a clear understanding of the potential for each hall both in terms of possible upgrading and of the potential options for the sites involved.  By providing this information to members of the community and seeking their views the group were able to gain a clear understanding of peoples' preference for which hall they wished to see developed for future community use.

What difference did it make?
The gruops were able to:

  • secure £10,000 from Investing in Ideas to develop plans for the Band Hall
  • got the Council to put the old council hall into community ownership so that it could be sold and the proceeds used for development of the Band Hall.  The sale, it is anticipated, will raise around £100,000
  • attained a pledge of £50,000 from the Slevin Bequest for capital redevelopment of the Hall and £30,000 to support the retention of the project worker who will take the development of the Hall forward

Andrew Ward
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