Barr Community Council

The Group
Located in South Ayrshire, Barr Community Council has been operating for a number of years and is principally concerned with the village of Barr and those living within the parish boundaries.

What were they trying to achieve?
A major impetus for the research was the potential income being recieved from the Hadyard Hill Wind Farm Comunity Development Trust which would be available for community use.

The aim of their research was to determine what members of the community saw as priority areas for investment in their community and, as part of the process, stimulate community interest and involvement in taking identified projects forward.

How did they go about it?
Following training some members of the groups carried out interviews with 74 households within the village and a further 26 households in outlying areas of the parish.  These figures represent 80% of households within the village and 50% of households in outlying areas.

Interviews were followed up with an open meeting where over 40 members of the community attended to express their views on projects of community interest.

What did they learn?
Through their questionnaire and the public meeting the group were able to get a clear idea of peoples' views of their community and what their priorities were for future development.

What difference did it make?
Since completing their research the group have attracted a number of new members and established three sub groups which are actively looking at specific development issues.  These are:

  • The re-establishment of a Parish Fair, last held in the early 19th Century
  • Development a renewable energy park, with a visitors centre to demonstrate the variety of technologies which can be used for generating energy
  • The creation of an Outdoor Centre for a variety of activities such as hill walking