Doing your research pays off - £100,000 times!

Two years ago Clackmannanshire Disability Awareness Group (DAG) completed Action Research into the barriers and enablers for people with a physical disability accessing and enjoying the natural environment. The research was part of the Learning through Doing programme supported by Scottish Natural Heritage and the Scottish Community Development Centre.Getting out and about

Two key elements of their research were a) to bring to the attention of decision-makers and those who provide access to the natural environment the issues faced by people living with a disability and b) to gather evidence in order to find resources that would increase access to the natural environment for people living with a disability in the Alloa area.

Through carrying out various pieces of research, the group were able to clearly demonstrate the needs of disabled people in the Alloa area and have used that evidence to obtain just over £100,000 of funding from a variety of sources to restore a sunken garden, improve access to Gartmorn Dam, and explore the idea of an eco-accessible community bus.

Alister Scott, Chair of DAG, said, "We are delighted to have been so successful with securing our funding. I am sure that the main contributor to that success was the fact that, through the Action Research we carried out, we were able to provide funders with clear evidence of the issues and needs of the physically disabled within our community. "

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