Section 3 - Doing

This section is all about putting the action plan into practice. If the group has a strong plan in place with specific methods and actions, and ways for gathering evidence to show that outcomes have been achieved, this part of the ACE process should be fairly straightforward.

The main prompt questions for this stage are as follows.

  1. Are we doing what we said we would do when we said we would do it
  2. Are we getting the stakeholders involved and contributing appropriately?
  3. Are we all working together?
  4. Are we keeping everyone informed?
  5. Are any issues arising and do we need to revise any of our methods or actions as a result?

This section also gives the community group the opportunity to focus on any training or skills needs as identified at the assessment stage. However, the community group may be performing fairly substantial activity during this period, so any specific training needs must take account of the availability of group members.

Worked example: This worked example provides a way for groups to put the action plan into developed in section 2 into practice. You can also download a blank version of this worked example here.

Hints and tips: If the action plan allows the group to record performance against agreed actions, it should be relatively easy to monitor progress against the plan. However, it is important that this is done regularly so that any issues or lack of progress in particular areas can be tackled before they become too serious. It also gives the community group experience of regularly monitoring and updating their action plan.

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