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The ACE programme is not a ‘linear' one. In other words, it doesn't just have a beginning, middle and end. To be most useful for community groups, it should become part of a cycle of the community group continually assessing, planning, foing and reviewing with a view to learning about what works best for them, and incorporating that learning into how they develop in the future.

One of the key features of ACE has been giving community groups the opportunity to take a step back from their everyday activities so they can see that how they work has a huge bearing on their effectiveness. We hope that this guide will help community groups to continue to do that for themselves long into the future.


Below are a series of resources related to the ACE programme. 

Print version of the ACE Guide

This resource has been made available in print, PDF and web formats to enable people to use the resource however they need it.You can also download a printable PDF version here, and if you'd like a physical copy you can email (limited supplies).

Overall Learning from ACE


Stronger Communities Evaluation 

This report represents the final report of the ongoing evaluation of the BIG Lottery Fund's Stronger Communities Programme undertaken from 2010 to 2014, which the ACE programme was a part of.

About the ACE Guide

This Guide has been developed by the Scottish Community Development Centre as part of the Achieveing Community Empowerment (ACE) programme, funded by the BIG Lottery Fund.

The ACE Guide has been Clarity Approved by the Plain English Campaign.

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