How ACE works


You can work through the ACE programme in a series of six to eight sessions lasting up to two hours. Each section can be spread over two sessions depending on how relevant it is to the community group, how much they have done already, and how many people are involved. Even if some members of the community group have worked through some sections already, they will benefit from working through it together and coming out of the programme with a joint vision and a joint plan. The guide assumes that those using it already have a basic level of experience and skills in supporting community groups. 

This is the online version of the ACE Guide. You can also download a printable PDF version here.  

How to use this guide

The ACE programme works through a cycle of assessing, planning, doing, and reviewing. This guide asks critical questions, and provides checklists and ways to record decisions and actions.

Each section of this guide begins with a brief description of what will be covered in it. It goes on to present some exploratory questions and gives some hints and tips on how to work through these questions with the community group.

The ACE Guide is split up into four sections, along with additional materials and resources:

Section 1 - Assessing

section2Section 2 - Planning

section3Section 3 - Doing

sectio 4Section 4 - Reviewing

You should go through the ACE Guide a section at a time. Within each section there are worked examples, which will show you in practice how parts of the ACE process work. There are also blank versions of these examples which you can use in your own practice.

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