LEAP Planning & Evaluation Cycle / Step 4

Step 4. Are we doing it?

Step 4 is an essential step towards evaluating our work.  At Step 4 we monitor the progress of our action plan.

Our action plan is based on identifying the actions that need to be taken to achieve the intended outcomes.  If we fail to take all the steps we identified at the planning stage, it is likely that we will also fail to achieve the intended outcomes, so continous monitoring is vital.

Monitoring should focus on the relationships between the outputs and the inputs and the processes we identified.  Each can be assessed on the basis of efficiency, effectiveness and equity.

Step 4 is therefore about having in place the means of checking that every participant meets the commitments that they have made and that the plan is actually put into action.  This involves identifying monitoring indicators that will tell us whether the activities we plan are carried out in the manner intended.  We should set specific targets for when, where and how we will undertake the activities we plan.

Partners need to agree how they will report to one another and establish a way of working that ensures that all their activities are open to scrutiny by others.  It may be helpful to have an overall action plan co-ordinator.